Watch the recorded webinar with an insightful discussion to learn about the Active Defense proactive approach to cybersecurity, empowering organizations to predict attackers' actions, strategically set traps, and closely monitor attacker interactions. Zero Trust, a strategy and architectural principle, ensures exclusive access to critical applications and data for authorized users. The integration of deception-based Active Defense serves as a pivotal foundation for Zero Trust.

Acalvio's mission is to detect advanced attackers with precision and accuracy. Deception technology is a proven approach to protect the pillars of Zero Trust (i.e., identities, applications, data, endpoints, and network) from both existing and emerging threats.

Active Defense provides early and precise threat detection, playing a crucial role in isolating the threat and preventing unauthorized access to important systems and sensitive data. This is instrumental in fortifying the principles of Zero Trust. During this webinar, attendees will discover how:

  • Sophisticated advanced attacks bypass traditional security to gain unauthorized access to critical systems and sensitive data
  • Understanding the importance of early threat detection helps stop attacks before they spread
  • The implementation of deception fortifies the principles of Zero Trust