Join us for a webinar featuring Chris Ray, the lead analyst and author of the GigaOm Radar for Deception Technology. Chris will delve into:

  • The evolving tactics of adversaries in terms of sophistication and stealth
  • The critical role of deception technology as an effective countermeasure for organizations
  • Essential considerations for selecting the right deception technology platform
This session promises valuable insights into bolstering your cybersecurity posture in the face of an evolving threat landscape.
Chris Ray   Suril Desai
Chris Ray
Suril Desai
VP Engineering, Acalvio Technology
Join this engaging webinar with Rob Wood, former CISO at CMS, and learn about:
  • The evolution of ransomware threats
  • The role of identity threats in the ransomware lifecycle
  • Why traditional security solutions are not sufficient to stop modern ransomware
  • How honeytokens serve as an effective countermeasure to detect and then stop ransomware
Rob Wood Founder, Sidekick Security, Former CISO, CMS
Rob Wood
Founder, Sidekick Security,
Former CISO, CMS

Robert Wood has built and led security programs across Silicon Valley startups to one of the largest U.S. Federal agencies. Robert bridges the gap as a leader between technical vision and the people and culture needed to drive true value in cybersecurity. Coming out of the Federal Government, Robert is now taking those skills and background to lead Sidekick Security helping organizations through their digital transformation with security as a frontline enabler.
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